For the past five months I have been interning at The Orange County Register in Southern California. During this time I was assigned exclusively high school sports coverage and was tasked with shooting 3-4 games each day. This usually left no time to work the edges or set up any remotes at an event, but it most certainly taught me a lot about organization and workflow. I have included a few photos from the 400+ games I shot in just a few months. Enjoy!

Varsity_03 Varsity_02 Varsity_04 Varsity_05 Varsity_06 Varsity_07 Varsity_08 Varsity_09 Varsity_10 Varsity_11 Varsity_12 Varsity_13 Varsity_14 Varsity_15 Varsity_16 Varsity_17 Varsity_18 Varsity_19 Varsity_20 Varsity_21

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