2014 TCS New York City Marathon

Although it feels like only yesterday that I was editing down some of my favorite images from 2013, a lot has happened for me over the past year. After finishing up an internship in Utah last January, I continued to move west to a trainee position at the Orange County Register. Despite the fact that I was completely transfixed by the Wasatch mountain range outside of Salt Lake City, I found a ton of comfort and beauty inside Southern California. New friends came with the new territory and there was no lack of area to explore. My main responsibility at the paper was to cover high school sports and I shot three to four events each day. This didn’t leave much time to really work the edges at every event, so prioritizing a schedule was key. In June I was fortunate enough to be offered an internship with Getty Images Sport out of New York City. After falling in love with sport photography early in my college career, one of my dreams was to one day work for Getty. Despite the fact that it was hard to say goodbye once again to friends, I packed my bags and began driving east soon after.

Over the next five months I was given a real taste of what it’s like to work for Getty Images on a daily basis. I made images of both US Open finals from the best seat in the house, was nearly blown straight off the Verrazano Bridge while coving the New York Marathon, witnessed Derek Jeter’s last career home run and covered a number of the “big four” sporting events almost every single day. I worked harder than I ever have in my life but could not have been more proud to be doing so. One thing I noticed almost immediately however was that looking for unique angles and images inside New York’s professional stadiums was proven to be more difficult than I originally expected. Learning and adjusting to the strict rules took some time, but with the help of the local photographers I managed to become more comfortable with each passing game.

My favorite event of the entire internship was covering the 2014 US Open. For over two weeks I made the commute from my apartment in Brooklyn to the storied Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing, NY. The days were often long and blistering hot but covering tennis at this level became quite addicting. Having the opportunity to move around and play with the late summer light was a blast, and dodging the advertisement riddled backgrounds only added to the challenge. What really stood out however was the teamwork needed to ensure that all 20 courts would be covered each day. A team of two to three editors worked hand in hand with six photographers to maximize our efficiency and speed. With today’s high demand for images online, technology also played a big roll in our team’s ability to compete during the later rounds.

I owe a great deal to a handful of people for helping me find my way in 2014 and without them my year would have been much less eventful. It’s always fun to go back through a year’s worth of work and I hope that you enjoy some of the attached pictures.

2014_02 NIT Season Tip-Off: St. John's v Gonzaga 2014_04 2014 US Open - Day 10 Buffalo Bills v New York Jets Toronto Blue Jays v New York Yankees Atlanta Hawks v Brooklyn Nets 2014 US Open - Day 4 2014_10 NIT Season Tip-Off

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